I understand that life gets messy and sometimes we need help navigating it. I'm here to provide a therapy experience that is real and genuine; a process that reflects who you are and what you need.

The Atlas Philosophy

Hello and welcome to my tiny corner of the internet! I'm Tiffany Beks...woman, mom of two, heavily obsessed with coffee, born and raised on the east coast, registered psychologist, and trauma therapist. 

I’m no stranger to the pains of life: I know the crushing experience of failure, despite putting in your best effort; the desperation of feeling left behind and left out; the weight of carrying what feels like insurmountable pressures, responsibilities, and expectations; and the unbearable heartbreak of losing someone and having to figure out how to live without them.

The pains of life can be disorientating and destabilizing. At times, we might feel as though we are wandering and in need of finding a way back to ourselves. At other times, we are in need of carving a path forward and reaching a new destination - a new version of ourselves and our lives. I founded Atlas Psychology & Consulting as a way of representing these unknown, messy seasons that we all endure to varying degrees over the course of our lives.  "Atlas" is a helpful metaphor for thinking about the therapy process; though therapy is often thought of as a journey, I prefer to think of it as a tool and process for helping us navigate, discover, and map out meaningful ways of living and being.

My Values


You're courageously inviting me to enter your world and see your life through your eyes, and I'm honoured. My work is guided by empathic and compassionate connection, so I make every effort to create a space in which you know and feel your worth. 


Therapy shouldn't feel like a script taken from a page in a book. Therapy should feel like a transformative conversation that occurs because someone really gets you and understands your struggles. Therapy is a human connection with a focus on you and your life - it's imperfect and genuine, yet responsive and insightful.


At Atlas, therapy isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. When you work with me, I treat you as a unique person first - this means understanding your story and your pain from your perspective. From there, we develop a plan based on your needs, goals, worldview, and intuition. I'll bring in my knowledge and experience from practice and together we'll map out a process that reflects you. 

You May Be Wondering...

Q. Who do I work with?

I work 1:1 with adults in Calgary and throughout Alberta. Listed below are the most common concerns I work with in my practice:

  • Trauma, PTSD, and Interpersonal Betrayal 
  • Grief and loss
  • Survivors of institutional trauma (e.g., institutional betrayal, religious trauma)
  • Military and first responder mental health (e.g., moral injury, military sexual assault, vocational stress)
  • Birth Trauma
  • Perinatal mental health (before and after baby)
  • Fertility and reproductive loss
  • Parenting Young Children (age 0-12)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia and sleep difficulties
  • Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
  • Boundaries and Communication
  • Coping skills and strategies
  • Perfectionism
  • Self-esteem, self-confidence
  • Shame
  • Life transitions
  • Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents

Q. What if you don't struggle with any of the concerns listed above?

You don’t have to be struggling with any of the above concerns in order to benefit from therapy and counselling. Confiding with someone about what you’re carrying - even if you don’t have a name for it - can be helpful and clarifying. Also, therapy can help increase overall wellbeing, enhance communication and self-expression, promote self-understanding, and reinforce your sense of purpose in life.

If you're looking for help with any of the above, let's chat!

Not sure we're a fit?

It’s really important that you find the right therapist for YOU. That’s why I offer a 20-minute free consultation via telephone. This gives you a chance for us to get to know each other, ask questions, and get a sense of what our work together will look like.

Ready to get started?